Expressive Arts & Design


Encouraging creative play  is an important aspect in child’s development. Using time, materials and space to be creative are very important. Children like to be spontaneous in their creative play, so it’s good to follow your child’s lead. But there’ll also be times when your child wants you to be more involved in her creative activities. By being actively involved, you can develop your child’s skills and understanding.

It’s good to show your child that there’s more than one way to do something. For example, there’s more than one way to draw a person, build a sandcastle or play a drum. This lets children know they can develop their own ideas. You don’t need to give your child new or expensive play materials. Homemade, recycled and natural materials are all low-cost ways to stimulate play and imagination.

And whatever artworks your child comes up with, give your child lots of descriptive praise. For example, ‘I love the picture you drew. You really know how to put colours together’. This boosts confidence and encourages your child to keep playing creatively.